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A Scene of Sage in Interior Design

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Published 5th April 2019

It’s obvious that the most favoured Spring/Summer season colour for this year, as predicted, is sage. The colour can also be likened to olive, pistachio, mint, seafoam and moss green - all these colours exude a serene calm, a calm that can be applied to interior design in the home by using this colour.

Predicted Pinterest Trend

This soft shade of green most frequently compared with the tone found on a fresh sage plant, first captured designers on the Pinterest annual trend report last year, reporting that there was a 70% increase in saves for "sage" decor. It’s easy to see why, as sage green is soft enough to be neutral, but visible enough to set the mood, it can fit seamlessly with nearly any design style. In luxury interior design, we have seen this colour captured in numerous ways.

Green Colour Psychology

The main positive psychological properties green communicates are peace, health and nature. It has the power to transform a space like no other shade on the spectrum by uplifting and enlivening the surroundings in which it has been placed. Green has obvious connotations and reminders of nature, forests and the outside world that can help us to feel relaxed and refreshed.

The colour green can help create a feeling of having a sanctuary in a home and it is often used in decorating for its calming effect. The colour can be placed on the walls, in the furnishings or accessories, and it can of course be nature-led by utilising potted plants and flowers, a garden or a balcony to inject colour.

How to Use Sage Green in the Home

Sage or Griege not quite beige and not quite green, has tones of silvery grey within the light green and adds a touch of elegance to the more traditional greens. There are plenty of ways to utilise this colour in your home or space, for a scene of sage in your interior design, whether you are in a city London flat or a countryside mansion.

Hints of Colour

  • Succulents.

Small touches of nature with succulents, on tables or on shelves.


Source: Pinterest

Wall covering.

Beautiful wall panelling for a traditional look with contemporary finishes, in Antique Green by Jotun Lady

Source: Jotun Lady.

Patterned sage green cushions to tie in the green tones of the room.

Source: Elle Décor

Bold rug unveiled during Milan Design Week 2018, Åker, a limited-edition rug by Ilse Crawford for Kasthall.

Source: Kasthall.

DIPTYQUE Figuier scented candle, 1500g, candles to add a touch of green in any space.


Full Room Focus

Sarah Sherman Samuel design’s sage green tiles.

Bringing in marble sage green and grey veins against the deep sage panelling.

Source: Pinterest.

  1. Office design:

Simple furnishings to this office space against the gentle green.