Our Approach

The Lawson Robb design process is beyond bespoke. Our approach to interior design and interior architecture is a truly special experience for each client. We have developed longstanding relationships with our cherished client base, spanning many years and multiple properties. Lawson Robb has global clientele in exclusive locations, such as London, Dubai and the US. With the support of local affiliates across the Middle East and Asia, we are considered as the go-to design house and luxury design for discerning clientele.


At the start of a new project, our primary objective is to gather as much information about the client as we can. Understanding and incorporating this initial brief helps us to ensure that our client sees themselves in every detail of the design, to deliver interior design that not only caters for, but enhances their lifestyle, in a truly couture manner.


Lawson Robb’s high and ultra-high-net worth private clients are from a variety of backgrounds and cultures including Russia, the Middle and Far East, Asia, the USA and Europe. Developing personal relationships with our clients has given us a breadth of genuine knowledge of all relevant cultures and an in-depth insight into their lifestyle, likes and dislikes, and the level of detail and quality expected.


The foundation for us within a project is ensuring a harmonious synergy between all parties and processes. Whether it is respecting the contractor’s construction schedule, adhering to budget, being succinct in our deliverables ensuring a seamless transition from paper to build, or ensuring that our clients’ design looks as beautiful 10 years down the line as it did at the time of handover.


We understand that our clients’ financial interests are at the forefront of every project. Our experience of working closely with Quantity Surveyors and developers, and adhering to budgets, is standard practice. The time and effort spent on project planning is essential to ensure that every element within our scope is coordinated and on time.


To complement our concept images, we will make an initial selection of finishes along with our own couture touches and present them to our client. These mood boards may not be application specific at this stage, but our intention is to gauge the type of finishes and colour schemes that are best received, to provide us with a direction to run with.


Once we have understood our clients’ requirements and formulated the appropriate project structure, it’s time to get creative. We turn our minds to inspiration and gathering a breadth of visual information that sets the theme for the project. The concept could be related to lifestyle, appropriate design details, initial furniture selection moods, or images that may serve as the source of inspiration for any bespoke finishes within the project. This will all be presented to the client, refined, and will then set the scene and foundations for the remainder of the design.


Before delving into the detail concept and design, we will collaborate with the architect to develop the General Arrangement of the space in the property to its optimal configuration for the client. We will work with the team from any stage, whether it is a signed layout allowing a few choice refinements, or whether a layout needs to be developed from the ground up.


At this stage we will present to the client, room by room, CGIs of the interior design complete with all the agreed finishes, furniture and design themes that have been agreed with the client leading up to this point. These can be reviewed and refined until approval is gained and we can continue with implementing this design into our working drawings. We will also present any detailed visuals from our suppliers of any bespoke items within the project.


This is a process that will have been happening in the background during the development of the previous stages. Once the general aspects of the design have been approved of, we will delve even further into the details within our CAD drawings. We will generate these drawings to a very high standard, ensuring that all constraints of the architects and engineers are adhered to. Our design intent will be made clear for the contractors, to ensure that the transition from our drawings to theirs is as seamless as possible.


Sanitaryware, Finishes, Electrics, Ironmongery, FF&E, Accessories; are all meticulously scheduled ensuring simple cross-referencing for individuals coordinating the project. This also ensures that the parties procuring/fabricating items within the specifications are furnished with all of the relevant information so that the products are fit for application.


Our FF&E team revel in the chance to explore all aspects of a project’s furniture, fixings and equipment. We source the most interesting pieces from the design world’s up-and-coming talents, established masters, and have the capacity to design completely bespoke pieces tailored specifically to our client and their projects. We ensure that everything we specify is fit for purpose and that it adheres to any required regulations for the project. Depending on the package chosen by the client, we can cater for every element.


We collate our design information and samples, and present these to the agreed recipients in true Lawson Robb style. Our clients can expect to receive all samples on a room by room basis, in beautifully packed boxes, along with a full set of drawings, specifications and visuals.


At every stage of a project, both in construction of the architecture and the fabrication of the details, quality is key. We ensure that the applied contractor’s finishes match those approved by the client, and that construction and construction drawings meet our designers’ intent. Therefore, the end product meets our exacting standards and will continue to do so for years to come.