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Inside The Design Journey Of The In-Build Super Yacht Phi


October 30, 2020

The Greek letter known as phi (ϕ) is used to describe the golden ratio in nature, art and architecture, magnetic flux in physics, the Fibonacci sequence in mathematics, flight dynamics, probability theory and even the stock market. In other words, it is at the heart of just about everything in the world as we know it.

The custom yacht, with exterior styling by Cor D. Rover and interior design by Lawson Robb, has been a long time in the making. The owner, an experienced yachtsman, spent several years carefully studying neighbouring vessels wherever his current yacht happened to be anchored.

On Phi there is just one circular dining table on the main deck positioned partly outside the salon and half enclosed by six sliding panels of curved glass made by Rondal, Huisman’s sister company. When the watertight panes are automatically stacked out of sight in side-compartments (individual panes can also be opened depending on the wind direction), most of the dining table sits outside on the covered aft deck. Similar glass doors in the forward-facing master stateroom on the owner’s deck provide direct access to a private foredeck veranda.

Details of the interior by UK-based Lawson Robb have not been released, but the outfitters claim it is one of the most complex they have ever built and Capt. Booth insists it will be “very special indeed”. However, we can reveal that a highlight is a 300-bottle wine cellar under the corridor linking the five guest suites on the lower deck. The corridor floor is one-way glass while the base of the wine cellar is of mirrored glass, so the effect looking down will be of an endless array of wine bottles.

Royal Huisman uses the tagline ‘The Spirit of Individuality’ to describe its approach to yacht building. It may not be the first shipyard that springs to mind for a motor yacht, but it is a philosophy perfectly suited to projects like Phi that are genuinely new and exciting

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