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Lawson Robb, alongside Rigby & Rigby and Helen Green Design, is a founding member of luxury design group Allect International Design Group. All the three companies provide the perfect balance between R&D influenced design-development, focused interior design, interior architecture and yacht design.
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Lawson Robb are excited to announce the upcoming launch of a Sub-500GT 58m Superyacht – Yacht Phi

Published 20th June 2021

Lawson Robb is excited to announce the upcoming launch of the ground-breaking Project Phi, a sub-500GT 58m Superyacht.

Selected with the most renowned names in the industry, Lawson Robb’s innovative design sits beside an exterior designed by Cor D Rover, Naval Architecture designed by Van Oossanen, and a build by Royal Huisman. This yacht pushes boundaries in the Superyacht Industry, from both a technical and design perspective, and is already taking the yachting industry by storm.

The teams were chosen based on a ‘rule breaker’ concept; the external designer didn’t pitch with the frills you might expect, he arrived with pen and paper, and simply asked, “what can I do for you.” Royal Huisman was chosen for their can-do attitude and the fact that it would be their first motor-yacht for decades. Lawson Robb brought a new eye to yacht design, arriving with extensive experience within residential and commercial interiors, allowing a vast range of experience to bring something new to Yacht Design. This professional arrangement broke the mould, which is exactly what the client set out to do.

The owner wanted to create a vessel with a deep and integrated design story that would be clear in the visual appearance, the performance capabilities, the user experience, and the extra dynamic brought to the package via Phi Phantom; the shadow vessel for the project. The client wanted a scheme that was complex, layered, intellectual and brave, woven together by a story that could be told and discovered as you move through the yacht.

The name ‘Phi’ was proposed to allow each team to create the design around their interpretation of the word. ‘Phi’ is the Greek letter used to describe the golden ratio in nature, art and architecture, magnetic flux in physics, the Fibonacci sequence in mathematics, flight dynamics, probability theory and even the stock market. In other words, it is at the heart of just about everything in the world as we know it. This was a perfect fit for the Client, who, as stated by the client representative Guy Booth, ‘wanted a name and overall concept that reflected the fundamental laws of nature, mathematics and science.” Each member of the external team brought a different approach to the design and development process but with all aspects of the yacht adhering to the principal of ‘Phi’ allowing each team to bring their own artistic interpretation.

Lawson Robb’s ”beautiful yet complex” design creates a story that gave lots of surprises, unanswered questions and showed chaos can be beautiful. This journey of discovery was carried throughout, with each level representing a different theme; the lower deck, Intra, shows designs inspired by what can be found beneath the surface. The main deck, Terra, shows designs inspired by the surface and atmosphere that we live in and the owners deck, Cosmos, shows designs inspired by what is outside our atmosphere.

This transition has created a story that unfolds at each turn, exactly as Lawson Robb set out to achieve.

Services provided by Lawson Robb for Yacht Phi included Inspiration and Concept Design, Detailed Design, FF&E, Installation and Procurement, Design Management, Quality Control & Delivery as well as Brand & Marketing Strategy.