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Lawson Robb, alongside Rigby & Rigby and Helen Green Design, is a founding member of luxury design group Allect International Design Group. All the three companies provide the perfect balance between R&D influenced design-development, focused interior design, interior architecture and yacht design.

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Spa Design by Lawson Robb

Luxury Magazine

March 15, 2018

Lawson Robb recently featured in the Spring 2018 edition of Luxury Magazine, with a focus on one of our projects in Knightsbridge, London. The 970 sq ft space features a steam shower, sauna, ice-cold plunge pool, massage area, and hot tub with adjacent wine cellar and refreshment area.

“When Lawson Robb was given a subterranean space with no windows to conceive a spa, she looked up. She reengineered the building to create a “walk-over glass roof above the spa tub, so you could sit there and see the stars”… Creamy, stacked-limestone walls alleviate the basement’s original catacomb feel and light-washed vaulted ceilings impart the illusion of height. At one end, Lawson Robb installed an ice-cold plunge pool with a warming sauna and a Bisazza tile-lined steam shower. A remote-control fireplace makes things toasty in the massage area opposite a mirrored wall that expands the space and also features an imbedded television.”

We kept the design simple, letting the leathers, stone, fabrics, and teak create a palette that is inviting. It’s the sort of space that will always look good because it’s timeless.