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Project Phi in the Time of Covid-19

Project Phi in the time of Covid-19, Interior Design, Luxury interior Design, Yacht Design, Superyacht Design, Motoryacht Design, Lawson Robb
Published 9th June 2020

Royal Huisman, the shipyard building superyacht Phi, have recently revealed an update on Project Phi. The 55m+ fast displacement, sub-500GT motor yacht has exterior design from Cor D. Rover and naval architecture by Van Oossanen Naval Architects. Lawson Robb have designed the interior of the revolutionary superyacht Phi, taking inspiration from the yacht’s name.

In February, motor yacht Phi was transferred to Royal Huisman’s largest shipbuilding hall where there is space for her assembly and outfitting. Despite the challenging environment, Project Phi’s progress has not been hindered by Covid-19 restrictions more than strictly necessary. Guy Booth, Phi’s project manager and owner’s representative, explains:

“The team at the shipyard adapted very quickly, and together with their pedigree and international build partners, they have found news ways to work, while keeping us on-track. Progress continues more or less on schedule, despite the unprecedented challenges faced at this time, which demonstrates the true dedication of all involved. The owner and his team have been kept well informed throughout, despite being unable to visit the shipyard, and his confidence in the shipyard has never been higher.”

George Wolstenholme, senior designer at Lawson Robb and the project lead for Yacht Phi, explains the design concept in more detail:

“Through our research it was clear that there was nowhere that Phi could not be found. The ‘golden ratio’ is a cornerstone of both naturally occurring physicality’s as well as those made by man. Some examples may be plain to see, but even where something may be seen as anarchic or chaotic, dig a little deeper and you will indeed find order.

Focussing on one example of Phi as a theme seemed to do the concept a disservice. Having been briefed by a bold and excited Client; it was key that the design we created was transitional, that its story unfolded at each turn. The owner’s deck explores ideas of astronomy, how myriads of colour and matter can be rationalised through science and geometry. Moving to the Main Deck we present an aft-forward transition from naturally occurring forms and textures to those created by man and technology. In the Lower Deck Guest areas we have experimented with ways to translate the ideas of tectonics in unexpected ways, pairing this with traditions of travel and unearthing the unexpected.

It was vital for us that none of these rich concepts shouted too loudly, the yacht had to all tie together to be read as one, the design language was to be read in the subtleties.”

Phi is scheduled for delivery in 2021 and will be launched alongside a matching 36m shadow vessel.