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Lawson Robb, alongside Rigby & Rigby and Helen Green Design, is a founding member of luxury design group Allect International Design Group. All the three companies provide the perfect balance between R&D influenced design-development, focused interior design, interior architecture and yacht design.
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An Interview With

Mateo Bazataqui Garnelo

Senior Designer

Mateo Bazataqui Garnelo, Lawson Robb, Team
Our Team, Lawson Robb, Mateo Garnelo
A brief background about yourself
My grandfather was a technical architect, my dad is an architect, my mum is an interior designer, her father was an architect, her grandfather was a sculptor, and my grandfather’s brother was the main tutor to Picasso in Barcelona. I have essentially been breathing architecture, design and art since I was born.

I studied Interior Design in Barcelona, and also have a degree in Architecture from Central Saint Martin’s - alongside experience in construction, urban design, architecture and high-end residential design.
What is your design style or specialism?
My style is a mix between contemporary, minimal, art deco and a strong influence of the ‘Master of Architecture and Design.’ I focus mostly on the architecture, detailing and making sure that the whole design is well put-together.
Our Team, Lawson Robb, Mateo Bazataqui Garnelo
What is your biggest design inspiration?
I believe that the beauty in design is the never-ending possibilities of inspiration and creation. Each project is a new beginning.

Mies Van Der Rohe, Le Corbusier, F.Lloyd Wright, Oscar Niemeyer, Tadao Ando, Charles Eames, Alvaro Siza and the list goes on. These are what I consider to be the “fathers” or “gods” of architecture and design.
Our Team, Lawson Robb, Mateo Bazataqui Garnelo
What are your hobbies or interests?
I really enjoy cooking and food in general, hosting dinner parties and entertaining. I also like doing water sports (mainly related to the sea) and I am big dog lover, I have a black Cane Corso who comes with me everywhere I go.
Our Team, Lawson Robb, Mateo Bazataqui Garnelo