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Lawson Robb, alongside Rigby & Rigby and Helen Green Design, is a founding member of luxury design group Allect International Design Group. All the three companies provide the perfect balance between R&D influenced design-development, focused interior design, interior architecture and yacht design.

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How to Splash Out on a Statement Bathroom

The Telegraph

February 17, 2017

Lawson Robb recently featured in The Telegraph, as the publication explores how to spend your time and fortune on creating a statement bathroom for your home.

“Minimalist bathrooms may be relaxing in their simplicity, but they can also feel clinical and devoid of charisma. The latest looks are decorative rather than spartan, using pattern, colour and mixed materials together to give the space a sense of individuality.”

Lawson Robb is an advocate of ensuring a sense of individuality for our client’s and our clients’ homes. However, we do appreciate the importance of using high quality products, and styling in a way that is not too trend-heavy, focusing on keeping the design as timeless as possible. One timeless element of a bathroom is marble, and there are plenty of ways to incorporate marble into bathroom interior design. Whether it is large slabs covering walls, or small mosaic pieces for around the basins, or even a statement marble bathtub – there are ways to use this material to the best of its potential.

“In line with the fashion for more decorative bathrooms, the trend is moving towards more interesting stones and marbles. Everyone’s seen Carrara marble, so we’re scouring the globe for something that hasn’t been used before.”

In some of our current projects have used purple-veined marble with rose-gold brassware, and zebra-like grey-striped marble.